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Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point 

500 Hutchinson River Pkwy.

Bronx, New York 10465



The Tasty ladies are very excited about our new find at Trump Golf Ferry Point

I felt like I had gone on vacation sitting in a very classy, beautiful open air country club decorated cheerfully in white wrought iron tables with yellow accents, leather bound menus, over head Casablanca fans, serene contemporary music playing and this is all temporary till they build the "real" clubhouse!

The view is just breathtaking, situated on the new Golf course overlooking the water and two bridges with gorgeous stone planters filled with flowers. This place is definitely going to be a "go to" attraction of the Bronx!

As you would expect, Trump does it right, right down to every detail! The staff is top notch starting with our personable server Tony, who made me a perfect "East Side Manhattan" and "Millionaires Coffee" to the very charming manager Brandon who sat with us at the end and showed us the plans for the new clubhouse! They all were eager to please and to make the customer happy!

The menu was full of varied starters, salads, sandwiches and burgers! Specialty cocktails and a full gorgeous bar was also available.

All food is prepared in an open air kitchen and I can tell, with top notch and fresh ingredients! We started with the "Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings" which was presented picturesque on a bed of greens with blue cheese crumbles and dipping sauce and was excellent! Other starters you could choose from were the "Spinach Artichoke Dip", "Crispy Calamari", Burrata with a pesto balsamic dressing, Hummus and a Mac and cheese!

Our choices of the "Trump Cobb" with grilled chicken and gorgeous vibrant red tomatoes was rightfully named since it was huge and rich with fresh greens, avocado, blue cheese crumbles, bacon and egg with a creamy balsamic vinaigrette. 

The Juicy Lucy Burger" which was very juicy and delicious had the cheese, sautéed onions and a special sauce all packed inside the burger on a soft Brioche bun! Both the burger and fries were made impeccably!

What I really loved to see on the menu was a choice of the "ETF Grilled Cheese" which had Applewood Bacon, Granny Smith Apple slices, Brie and organic honey on multi grain toast. All proceeds of this sandwich go to the Eric Trump Foundation for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!! I'm definitely getting this next time!

The only thing that I can find missing, which Brandon told me they will have shortly, are the desserts. I can wait because I'm sure they will be delectable!

They are open seven days a week and have a dinner menu only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday's at the moment. Live music is being planned for the upcoming months which will really make this place the RESTAURANT TO BE!

 2357 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, New York  * (718) 220-1027


 I decided to take my family to Italy today. No suitcases or planes needed when you have Arthur Avenue in your back yard in the Bronx, who needs the jet lag!

We went to my favorite restaurant there, Zero Otto which is your round trip ticket to Italy thanks to Chef Roberto and staff, you get magically transported to a grotto in Italy!

The ambiance is off the charts with a dining room decorated with murals of Italian scenery, tall ceilings with skylights and the focal point of a beautiful brick oven gives you the feeling of sitting in a cafe in some back alley of Italy!

The staff are always well dressed, very attentive and all have the Italian accents to lend to the experience ! You are never wanting for service here!

After hearing the specials from our charismatic waiter, Geno, we decided to go with a classic Margherita pizza to start.

You have to try one of their pizzas from a huge selection. Out of the golden brick oven, Cirilo pops out the most perfect pizzas with a crunchy crusts, just the right amount of sauce, cheese and basil, Bellissimo!!

Onto the entrees! My son had the Pollo Capriccioso. The chicken cutlet was perfect with mozzarella cheese, marinated tomatoes and pesto! He polished it off and almost licked the plate clean!

My husband and I opted for the specials. The braised short ribs were amazing! So tender, no knife was needed! And my Radiatore Cartoccio came in a steaming aluminum poach which when opened boasted the most scrumptious pasta dish! The radiator shaped pasta was combined with eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese in a creamy sauce that was divine!

Since we were stuffed at the end we opted for the Tartufo which was served up with fresh whip and berries!

Complimentary Lemoncello cordials were served at the end which just was the cherry on the top!

This restaurant is more than just a place to eat great Italian cuisine, it is a trip to Italy for your total dining experience!!

6031 Broadway
Bronx, NY 10471
Phone: 718-581-0182   

 As most of you know, this Tasty Lady loves her meat! Preferably a nice T Bone or Filet Mignon with Bernaise sauce. After many friends recommended Jake' a Steakhouse to me, I decided to go today. And guess what? I'm pissed!!! That's right downright livid I did not go sooner! All this wasted time driving to Ruth Chris or Smith and Wolensky to get primo steaks, service and overall quality when Jake's was in my own back yard in the Bronx!!

That's right gang the same quality, upscale service and made-right-every-damn-time steaks and rustic steakhouse ambiance are all waiting for you at Jake's! 

First the restaurant is beautiful, two levels, dark wood decor, huge, long bar, table clothes, leather bound menus, plush leather booths, yada, yada, yada... You know the type of place you want to enjoy your steaks!

Brian our server was quick, professional and had the answer to every question this lady could throw at him with a sexy smile to boot!

We started with our favorite (which Ruth Chris cut out recently) of hearty, cheesy, beefy, oniony French Onion soup with the best combination of mozzarella and Swiss charred onto the top and sides of a crock! Just gorgeous! 

Then onto the steaks! I had a perfectly seasoned and grilled T-Bone that with every bite screamed top quality beef! With a side baked potato and their own house steak sauce, I devoured my meal!!

My guest had the petite filet mignon with Bernaise sauce which I stole a piece of and had the same experience! Though the Bernaise sauce is a tad thinner than I usually have, I loved it and hopefully it had less calories too! The side of garlicky mashed potatoes were delicious with just the right creamy, lumpy consistency you want with just enough seasoning and garlic to complement this meal! 

By the way, I ordered a Manhattan, easy on the ice that was perfect and not stingy with the liquor! 

We didn't think we had room for dessert but after hearing from Brian that most desserts are made on the premises we had to go for Jake's Boston Cream Pie that was heavenly and busting with custard!

Of course I had to order my "test" coffee, the Millionaire's Coffee hold the whip ( I have to cut back somewhere!) Now a lot of restaurants don't know how to make it or give me a problem or ask me what's in it. GOOGLE IT AND MAKE YOUR CUSTOMER HAPPY!! Well without flinching Brian took my order and swiftly brought me my perfectly made Millionaires Coffee!!

We also met the manager Meghan that I immediately liked with her warm, down to earth way and her patience and time of showing me the upper levels which are used for private parties and busy weekend diners. 

They have happy hour Mon-Fri from 4-6pm, a Sunset Menu from 4-6 as well with specially priced dinners and now Football Specials at the Bar. 

All I can say at this point is they better get use to seeing this Tasty Lady face, cause now that I tried them, I'm hooked!

 This was not just a dinner out, this was an experience! After, surprisingly, finding the restaurant located below street level on Mamaroneck Avenue, we were greeted by a beautiful waterfall and friendly hostess who seated us in a comfortable booth decorated in soft, calm tones that had us feeling as if we were in a relaxing spa. Our energetic, personable server, Jay, deftly explained the menu & quickly had us on this epic adventure.

We decided, as first timers, to go with the "Four-Course Experience". it begins with choosing a cheese fondue. We decided on the "classic Alpine" which Jay freshly prepared for us, right on our table. It consisted of Aged Gruyere, Raclette, & Fontina cheeses, blended with white wine, fresh garlic, & a touch of nutmeg. Each guest is given different colored fondue forks & we began our journey, happily dipping cubed green apples, bread, & fresh vegetables. Heaven! Jay also brought us extra dipping treats so we could wipe the bowl clean!

Our second course was salads. We chose The Melting Pot House Salad : Romaine & Iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, croutons, & sliced egg with a choice of Peppercorn Ranch or Tangy House Dressing- excellent, crisp & refreshing after the cheese fondue. We also tried the California Salad, which contained mixed baby greens, Roman tomatoes, candied pecans & Gorgonzola cheese with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. Amazing & so flavorful! This Tasty Lady was swooning & about to bust already!

The third course was the main choices. I have to say, I love how flexible they are with choices. You can mix, match, swap, flip- until you find your perfect entree. We had "Steak Lovers"- Filet Mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin & Angus Beef sirloin; "Fondue Fusion"- which consists of cold water lobster, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, Memphis- style BBQ pork medallion, honey orange duck breast & wild mushroom sacchetti (like s dumpling); & ""The Good Earth Vegetarian"- with artichoke hearts, asparagus, portobello mushrooms, Thai- peanut marinated tofu, spinach & artichoke ravioli, broccoli, & potatoes. From a choice of 4 cooking styles, we chose "mojo"- Caribbean-seasoned bouillon with garlic, lemon, lime, & orange prepared right at our table. Well, I'll tell you, there wasn't much conversation, as we cooked our food (everything is done between 1 minute- 2 minutes!). Dipping sauces : curry, Green Goddess, teriyaki glaze, Gorgonzola port, & ginger plum are available for sampling & pairing. The flavors and sensations were amazing, matched by the fun of cooking, dipping, & sharing this unique, enjoyable experience!

The fourth course, most decadent by far, was dessert. Choose from an amazing array of chocolate fondues. We went easy, Pure Milk Chocolate, which came with dippings of pineapple, bananas, brownies, blondies, rice crispy treats, pound cake, strawberries, & , if not enough: marshmallows covered graham crackers & Oreos. Wow! I'll say it again, wow! Jay generously offered to bring us extra refills & we managed to scrap up the remaining chocolate with strawberries. Amazing. An epic experience. So fun & different. Bring your family & friends. It is definitely an event!! Loved it!

The restaurant is beautiful, professional, rest rooms impeccable & beautifully done.

When I loose these new extra 10 pounds, I'm going back for more!!
 — at The Melting Pot – White Plains.

 Seafood Crunchfest.. the crunch was out of this world! Never experienced anything like that before!

Jordan Lobster Farm
1 Pettit Pl
Island Park, NY
Owner Stephen Jordan

The drive itself was an hour and ½ from the Bronx. Upon arrival, we parked in a lot across the restaurant that had ample parking. This huge establishment is an indoor/outdoor amusement park for Foodie Lovers, with a wonderful market showcasing different kinds of seafood spices, dips, cold seafood, salads, desserts and pre-cooked meals for takeout.

We were greeted by a trio of lovely Muchachas (young ladies) who were eager to seat us. We were given a choice of indoors or outdoors. We opted for outdoor dining, to take advantage of the outdoor garden overlooking the water.

The Backyard Bar is a very casual setting with people dressed in bathing suits grabbing a bite to eat. It has a pretty big bar in the middle, however it wasn’t open when we were there, but nevertheless people sat around eating. There’s outdoor dining to the left that is associated with the indoor part of the restaurant, and then to the right is the outdoor garden, which wraps around a small body of water, with a white picket fence surrounding the diners.

Outdoor dining involves ordering at an outside window. The girls behind the register were very knowledgeable of the menu. They helped us put together a seafood fest for two! We ordered the following:

Fried Soft Shell Crabs. Los cangrejos were extremely crunchy and flavorful. They were delicioso! Golden fried to perfection and lots of meat! The French fries were an explosion of happiness in our mouths!

Lobster Roll – Gigantic portions of lobster meat lightly covered in mayonnaise with small bits of celery on a bed of lettuce in a soft bun. The trosos of lobster were very tasty.

1 whole lobster with fries, corn on the cob, chips, (1) container of melted butter and cole slaw. ( .75 for an additional butter.)

La Langosta (The lobster) was nicely steamed, succulent and so tender! The corn had a nice crunch to it, when you bit into it, and soft and juicy in the middle. I wasn’t crazy about the chips that were basically a bag of fancy potato chips. They were just too oily for my liking. If you order the lobster, make sure to order the cracker to crack open the shell. It’s a deposit of $3 you pay, and get back when you return it.

The Key Lime Pie was very good. The crust was crumbly, the key lime pudding was a balanced combination of tart and dulce.(sweet)

Pura Delicia!

We thanked Stephen, and told him we enjoyed our meal tremendously. He gave us a tour of the back of the restaurant. We got to see the giant tanks filled with gorgeous lobsters, and we were excited to meet the 23 lb crustacean king who’s 95 years old! He is in a tank by himself being taken care of by the owner. No plans on eating El Rey! (The King)

 at Jordan Lobster Farms.

 Travesias translated is a voyage or crossing, or in essence to travel, thus the bike motif! When you dine here, it is like you have ventured off to other lands or to an incredible international food festival!

This review took me a couple of days to prepare, because I wanted to try to capture and put on paper the phenomenal cuisine nirvana I had experienced, and I'm afraid mere words will not do this world class culinary haven justice. You will just have to go experience it immediately!

The owner Brian is a very, very smart man! No, I do not really know him, but this man did everything right. From the classy copper booths and dark mahogany tables to the tray ceiling and framed travel art on the walls to the Mural leading to the kitchen and rest rooms to hiring a top notch staff with a pure wizard in the kitchen who is his chef ( more about that later), Brian does not have a new restaurant but a total exceptional dining experience for anyone entering his domain.

On our visit we met Jose our handsome bartender, Amber our beautiful and wonderful server, Iman, an exotic beauty and charismatic manager who all treated us like we were on a concierge excursion. We were delivered drinks promptly by Jose, who's mixology talents are evident with a perfect mint Mojito and lime Margarita with salt. We decided to go with a large array of appetizers the first visit to try to experience as much as we could. Amber our server was very knowledgable, pleasant and appeasing. On this internationally vast and unusual menu, you have Bangkok Calamari, Indian Naan Pizza, Moroccan Black Bean Hummus, Argentinian Gaucho Pincho, Chile-Asian Sea Bass, their signature Ox Tail Rissotto, Pasta ala Travesias with my favorite fresh made Parppadelle and this is just a fraction of the menu!!

To say the Tasty Ladies were excited at this point was an understatement! There was no wait for food with our first app delivered of Passion Ceviche. This Peruvian inspired ceviche had fresh octopus, shrimp and black cod all marinated in an amazing, delightful citrus and Latin spice infusion!! I could not stop eating it, but then this exquisite dish came out with a blood red sweet and sour guava dipping sauce and two perfectly formed pockets of crispy golden wontons filled with heaven!!! Ok, ok it was a mixture of crab, cream cheese and scallions, but we were in heaven when we experienced them. I have to say this was my favorite!!! I will be dreaming about them and wanting them again, and again!

Unfortunately, due to one of the Tasty ladies coconut food allergy, only one of us could enjoy the Piña Colada Shrimp Skewers. I was very sad watching my partner express sheer joy over these perfectly cooked Mexican tiger shrimp marinated with Dominican rum and spices, coated in panko and coconut flakes which was served with a absolutely delicious pineapple rum and coconut glaze!

I recovered from my dismay quickly with the beautifully displayed Aracini ala Hispanola dish. Was it art or food?? We decided quickly we were much more devoted to food than art and began to devour these Rice spheres stuffed with sweet plantains, quest de hoja and longaniza ( which is cows milk cheese made in Puerto Rico and Spanish sausage). They were amazing alone, but when dipped in the accompanying avocado dip, it became magical!

You would think by this time, we would be getting full, but we just did not want to get off this memorable food adventure we were on! These pretty little sliders came out with tostones as buns and a small Dominican style burger called "Chimichurro" made of seasoned beef, pork and cabbage slaw with Travesias secret special sauce atop! Whatever you decide to order here, please make sure you start with these taste infused To' Chimi Sliders! I love the name too!

At this point, our magical cuisine wizard appeared from behind the curtain! Chef Dario is not just a passionate artist in the kitchen, but he is absolutely divine to look at as well and so charming! Introducing Chef Dario, who studied at Le Cordon Bleu, which FYI is the #1 ranked Culinary school in America ( and probably beyond), was the executive chef at FIU, and the banquet chef for the Miami Marlins. He has extensively traveled and just studied in the Dominican Republic! If this was not enough, he had his own catering company and was a culinary consultant! Ok, enough about him, back in the kitchen, get the rest of our delicious morsels out here!

At this point we started to feel like we may have over done it, and the Quinoa Tabbouleh that presented was a light, fresh perfect intermission! This was a traditional Lebanese tabbouleh with a twist of quinoa served with small tears of naan. The last but not least, was the Ole Ole Chorizo which was so satisfying and scrumptious aged Spanish style chorizo in a red wine reduction that was perfectly simmered so you still could taste the tannins in the wine! This was artfully served again on a wooden board with fresh arugula and crostini! Unfortunately, we were willing but our stomachs begged us to take most of it home. ( which was a wonderful snack at the stroke of midnight!)

The ending to this international culinary symphony was their fresh baked warm bread pudding, vanilla bean ice cream melting on top with raisins and a brandy carmel sauce drizzled. When the Chef came out to freshly shave white chocolate on top of each, we started to kick each other under the table to see if we were in a dream!! I am not even going to try to attempt to describe the taste sensation I had! The English language does not have the appropriate words to explain, so you will need to experience this yourself.

The Bronx is very lucky to have this restaurant! It's the only place I know in the Bronx where you can experience the best of over 15 different countries' culinary delights under one roof. Good night and sweet dreams!

The Tasty Ladies NY
June 2015



One Radisson Plaza

New Rochelle, New York



 Great new find not even ten minutes from the Bronx in the Radission hotel in New Rochelle. Gorgeous decor with plenty of comfy seating and huge bar! Everything about this place is right, more than right, perfect!!

The staff is very friendly and professional and very attentive! Out server Marcus was handsome, accommodating, knowledgeable about the menu and an overall wonderful server!
Don't forget to go on yelp and check in to get a free pitcher of white or red sangria with your entrees! The sangria was great, made just right with diced fruit throughout. 
We started with our favorite "Margherita" pizza that was cheesy, crispy and heavenly! Next I decided to try their special 3 Tapas for $14.99. Out of an amazing, unusual array of Tapas, I tried the Butternut Squash soup, the potato tortilla, and the beef empanadas! I can't tell you which I loved the most because I loved them all!! I am definitely going to return again to try another three!

My partner just had a regular cheeseburger with mozzarella and a huge portion of fries, both were delicious!

We found out they have jazz music on Friday nights, and DJ's on the weekend. The ambiance, service and cuisine from
 Chef Bill Rosenberg is Top Notch memorable! 
This is definitely one you need to check out!!


I found our new romantic Italian restaurant right here in the Bronx! Perfect for the upcoming Valentines day!! Better make your reservations now, because this restaurant will be booking up quickly when the word gets out!

Frank and Tony of Frank's Pizza on Middletown Road just opened up about a month ago, an Italian Restaurant called Da Franco & Tony Ristorante and I am very happy they did! From the moment you enter this beautifully decorated venue, you feel the romantic ambiance around you!

Brick walls and a corner bar, fireplace and beautiful pictures , sconces and decor make this small restaurant special! Each table has fresh white linens, fresh flowers in a crystal vase, leather bound menus with gold lettering and a bottle of wine at each. Music is played at the right level and is appropriately serene for dining!

Our waiter Angel was a wonderful waiter. Knowledgeable in the special menu and passionate with his descriptions of the different dishes. He was a top notch server who did not miss a beat with his care of our dining experience!

We met the owner Franco and was given a warm welcome and pleasant conversation of the history and beginning of this restaurant. He was very Suave and charismatic!

We started with the soup of the day, Lentil soup that was very good with spot on seasoning of fresh herbs and tender lentils!! A really nice soup to warm the cockles of your heart!! We also ordered the Mozzarella Caprese, the warm creamy buffalo mozzarella on top of beefy ripe tomatoes with red peppers, prosciutto, and fresh basil! Perfect to go with their home made seasoned bread!!

My ever constant companion ordered his chicken Parmigiana which was not on the menu but like any great restaurant, they accommodated his request beautifully with a huge portion of bone in chicken parmigiana that was so tender, juicy with an amazing red sauce atop with gobs of delicious melted mozzarella!! It came with a side of pasta and was rated by my chicken parm connoisseur partner a 9!!!

I decided on the Vitello Con Melanzane which was Veal Scaloppine of Prosciutto with Wine, shallots, eggplant and Mozzarella that was so perfectly cooked, I was in heaven! The veal was so nice and thin and tender soaked with the wine sauce, it melted in my mouth!!

The presentation of all the cuisine was beautiful, and looked like they were taken out of a magazine! The lunch portions were very generous and priced nicely!!

Even though we could not even finish our entrees, we had to try their Italian Ricotta Cheesecake that was made on the premises like most of their desserts and was delicate, and a slice of heaven with home made whip creme on the side,

In the spring they will be having outside seating both in the back garden and cafe style in the front. They will also be starting a brunch on the weekends.

Do you and your loved ones a favor and experience this Top Notch Romantic Italian restaurant right here in our neighborhood at 2815 Middletown Road.

Posted on;
Yelp. http://www.yelp.com/biz/da-franco-and-tony-ristorante-middletown-pelham-bay
— at Da Franco & Tony Ristorante.

 7 Madison Ave

Larchmont, New York


This small, insignificant looking restaurant (from the outside) was a dining experience every food critic dreams of!
When you enter you realize from the beautiful modern chic decor this will be a meal to remember!
The menu is not your typical cuisine choices but a book of passion from Chef Nick DiBona recently of the culinary show "Chopped".
Since I have eaten here a few times, I knew I was in good hands and let the Chef pick my lunch. I did insist on trying his Soup Du Jour of Butternut Squash soup with candied pecan creme that was like angels singing, it was so heavenly! My partner, who snubbed his nose at the thought of it, quickly ordered a bowl for himself once he had a taste, because I was not sharing!!
Bread was served with sundried tomatoes and black Olive spread, Olive oil with cracked black pepper and butter with hot fresh rolls!

My partners "hamburger and French fries" arrived, but after scolding him about such a common selection, I had to take it back because that was the best darn burger I ever had!! The meat used is called Waygu beef which is a combination of high quality beef with perfect marbleization for the juiciest, tastiest burger you will ever have! Pair this up with chipotle mayo on a brioche fresh bun and house made thin fried to perfection fries, this was a gourmet meal!!

Now I left my entree decision to Chef Nick, and I was amazed at this perfect combination of Salmon amazingly seasoned and grilled with a soy glaze, sushi rice with slivers of ginger and wasabi cream cheese over a bed of Bok Choy gave me the best of both worlds of "sushi" sensation with fresh savory fish! The flavors complimented each other seamlessly and I felt happy that I was eating healthy without suffering flavor!

I asked Christina ( our awesome, knowledgeable, sweet waitress) for a Millionaire coffee which most restaurants do not serve. She not only found out how to make it, she made it the best with the introduction of a creme brûlée type Synge on the rim that make this coffee pop! And that ladies and gentlemen is five star service!

We were quite full and decided on one of their home made ice creams from a truly wonderful selection of desserts! We ordered the "rainbow cookie" ice cream that truly tasted like the bakery cookies!! This was topped with a tri color marzipan cookie which was a pretty and tasty presentation.

Thank you Chef Nick for ruining my New Years diet with your complimentary Sticky Date Cake with Toffee Glaze and fresh made whip on the side! I finished the whole thing! But if eating this was wrong, I don't want to be right!!

Combine the decor, ambiance ( they scored extra kudos with the music mix of Beatles, Queen, Billy Joel, etc) world class food and excellent service and you have one of Tasty Ladies top five favorite restaurants!

After Note: Madison Kitchen will be expanding and adding outside seating.

3764 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York 10465 * (718) 863-0099

 Finally got to the newly opened "Cabo" and it was worth the wait! Chef Ramon is a seasoned Chef who knows how to deliver on all points from presentation, to fresh authentic Mexican cuisine that will leave you craving more! This restaurant is not your run of the mill Mexican places, Chef Ramon has elevated his menu to a more sophisticated level with fresh ingredients seasoned perfectly to honor true Mexican cuisine! Our servers Chris and Lamar were very attentive, knowledgable and friendly and the atmosphere and decor was Manhattan chic! This restaurant will be on my favorite top ten list! We started with perfectly mixed lime margaritas ( it was happy hour so the prices were great). We ordered an app of Tostados de Camarones which were crispy tortilla rounds with topped with succulent chipotle garlic shrimp, black beans, lettuce, Pico de Gallo and drizzled with Crema. Then we ordered a variety of tacos, I can't tell you what my favorite was because I loved them all! Each was designed with unique fillings and featured chorizo, tilapia and 5 hour roasted pork! If this was not enough to put us into a taste nirvana, Chef Ramon sent out a complimentary dish of cerviche of salmon, shrimp with red jalapeño, onion and cilantro that made us tasty ladies hotter than we already are! They also started a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays with unlimited sangria and mimosas and a unique brunch menu which you know we will be trying out soon! It's about time we have a great Mexican restaurant in the nabe and so glad owner Kevin Alicea has opened here!

425 White Plains Road
Eastchester, NY 10709

 Fine art is never a fluke!  The perfect technique, quality brushes and paints, and of course a talented and passionate artist,  creates a masterpiece!

Much like art, exceptional cuisine is created with a passionate, talented chef, quality ingredients, and as the canvas a beautifully decorated, comfortable ambiance.   Our visit to Burrata Wood Fired Pizza restaurant was that of a exceptional artist creating our truly unique dining experience!

It started with a wonderfully positive gesture of the owner and Chef, Chas Anderson, opening up the restaurant early for us, since we were mistaken on the times of service. The whole staff was very gracious, knowledgeable and accommodating! The restaurant was decorated in a very simple, classy and modern way, with a golden tiled Stefano Ferrata wood fired pizza oven hand crafted by a third generation master oven builder from Naples with over 100 years experience  as the centerpiece! Even though the restaurant was small, the space was utilized to the maximum with a long bar at the entrance against the wall, and the rest of the space with simple tables and chairs. The walls were decorated with tasteful, modern art . The music was serene and added to this beautiful ambiance. There was a very modern pasta machine as a decoration with the " Burrata" name on it, which gleamed I was amazed to find out later they use this machine regularly to make their awesome fresh pasta.

From reading the menu prior to our visit, we knew exactly what we wanted. Both their web site and face book pages exhibit mouth watering photographs of their dishes. Plus, I was very intrigued by their post of having truffles specially imported from Italy in!! After conversing with the Chef and finding out his professional background of studying in both Italy and culinary school and feeling his passion for cooking from his conversation, I knew we were in for a treat!

Of course we had to try one of their wood fired pizzas out of that gorgeous golden oven, so we went with the traditional Margherita with fresh basil, mozzarella and tomatoes on perfectly crisped pizza! I think I could have indulged in another pie, but wanted to discover the freshly made Pappardelle pasta with wild mushrooms, fresh parsley and Parmigiano cheese. I also wanted the truffles atop, which was no problem! Chef Chas personally shaved the truffles on top generously! I was in heaven! My partner had the simple spaghetti with a sauce consisting of San Marzano tomatoes, local fresh basil, garlic and Parmigiano which made for a creamy, delicious sauce!   We also ordered the Polpettine meatballs with crostini to go which were the best meatballs we had ever savored!! From the wine that chef picked of a Italian Moscato to the dessert that was suggested of Cannolo which  had the lightest perfect creme with shaved pistachios on top, this dinner was a masterpiece!

Burrata's also has antipasto Mondays with a free appetizer with meal, Tuesdays is 1/2 priced wines by the glass, music on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 10 pm, ladies night on Thursdays and a $10 lunch price fixe Monday through Fridays which is a steal in a place this rich in culinary perfection!  

I am looking forward to venturing back and trying the Calamari Modo Nostro, the white truffle and mushroom risotto balls, the goat cheese and walnut, red onion and arugula pizza drizzled with truffle honey and the short rib agnolotti!! Ps the Nutella pizza with fresh strawberries and powered sugar is also calling my name!  The Tasty Ladies will be putting this Italian beauty on their lists of favorites and visiting often with their friends!

Please check Burrata's out at burratapizza.com

Since our last review a lot has changed! The food is always fresh and good. Service is great now and after getting to know the owner, just love her! Every time I eat here I fall in love with a dish be it a salad, a soup or new entree!

The atmosphere here reminds me of my Florida days and restaurants there. Relaxed, water views, fresh delicious food and a friendly atmosphere!

This restaurant has many good events, from brunch on the weekends to lobster Fridays and tarot card readings during the week and more!!

Ps their desserts are out of this world!! Do yourself a favor and check out this  gem by the sea!!!

 201-10 Cross Island Parkway, Bayside, New York 11360



Vivaldi Ristorante sounds eloquent and has an air of sounding like the elite of restaurants.  
  • We stumbled upon this restaurant on the way to another restaurant, but the name and upscale, garden embellished grounds  of the exterior drew me in. It was Sunday and we came just in time for Brunch. The interior exuded the same as the outside with two separate dining rooms and a bar decorated with tastefully classy decor which was modern yet classic elegance.

    We were immediately greeted and escorted to booth seating with plush pillows. The Brunch menu was vast with many unusual choices complemented by the usual Brunch fair and complimentary Champagne, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, etc.

    This restaurant, I found out was the old Rudy Valentino Homestead and it had been refurbished.  It maintained that ambiance of eloquent romance. Our waiter and then manager attended our every whim and service was exceptional. All that we ordered from my marinated Hanger Steak, fried egg, home fries, tomato basil bruschetta to my partners meatballs with Scallions, fresh Herbs, Tomato, Black and Green Olives along with a side of side of Buffalo Mozzarella was presented superbly and was excellent. We vowed to return to partake in Dinner.

    That Saturday, I could not wait, we invited along our friends who are are also food enthusiasts. I was very excited about our new find,  which had just opened three months prior and only 10 minutes from us in the Bronx over the Whitestone bridge.
    As usual we were seated immediately, even though they were booked solid (reservations are a must on weekend evenings). Again, our waiter and the manager were very attentive, knowledgeable and remembered us with a warm welcome.

    We started with a few appetizers, the Crab Croquettes over Arugula salad with lemon garlic remoulade which was plump full of Crab with a nice crispy exterior, the same meatballs previously order which we fell in love with, Roasted Beet Salad that was truly a masterful combination of red and yellow baby beets , yogurt, pistachios and Ver jus and a gorgeous glass bowl presentation of  Little Neck Clams on the half shell which tasted so fresh, we were convinced they must have just been plucked from the water!

    The service was a little sluggish due to the packed house which is understandable for a Saturday evening and our hosts were very apologetic and accommodating with dessert and drinks on the house. We honestly did not mind the wait, since we were into good conversation in a beautiful place!

    When our entrees were finally presented we were in heaven. The Filet Mignon and Bone in Rib Eye were cooked perfectly and was the best steaks we all had ever tasted! The Orrecchiette pasta with spicy sausage, broccoli rabe in garlic and olive oil was so flavorful and the seasoning was remarkable! The scallops with Cauliflower Puree, Brussels Sprouts, Hazelnuts and Peach Jus were seared nicely with still being tender inside but just a tad on the salty side.. The side order of Truffle Parmesan Fries were the tables favorite!

    The desserts created by Executive Pastry Chef: Nicholas Burke, were also presented as a  work of art with three mini varieties of ricotta cheese cake, tri color cookies and Tiramisu with Mascarpone, Anisette, Espresso, Verona Coco. Each made on premises and to perfection!

    As I started this review with "Vivaldi Ristorante sounds eloquent and has an air of sounding like the elite of restaurants. "....this restaurant lived up to and exceeded all expectations I initially had!

    This establishment will be "THE RESTAURANT" to go to and will probably have a waiting list in the near future, so try it now while you can still get in to experience a culinary treat to all your senses!